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September 13, 2010
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Hannah Kaleem Ghalia by Hione Hannah Kaleem Ghalia by Hione
Name: Hannah. (Or Henna.) (At the moment she is an NPC.)

Race: Human; from Leisel.

Age: 23

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 126 lbs.

Occupation: Pretty much a servant girl. She helps the harem members dress and decorate themselves. Mostly, she draws henna. (Google Henna if you don't know what that is.)

Special skill(s): Like I said, she draws henna patterns.

Magic: None. She's got her father's features, but not his magic. Although, she does have the same ability as her mother's empathy. However, unlike Amir, hers revolves around art pieces instead of metalwork. She can feel if an artwork was created with love or disdain, which is sometimes useful because it helps pick out fake copies of works. This even applies to books, and pretty much any parchment with a doodle on it. (Lawl, wanted posters.)

Items: She always carries ink and a quill, or needles and small jewels.

Brief Bio: She's a sweet girl, but never speaks her mind. Her father greatly discouraged it. And, like I said, at the moment she is really a non-playable character.

Quirks: Sometimes she'll use her own skin to draw henna out of boredom, or if she really wants to test a design. Because of this, she is ambidextrous, that way she can use both hands for fine details. Also, she reeeaaally loves Coen. But she's far too shy to even tell him. To everyone else her love is obvious-- but not to him. XD

History: See The other bios.

Name: Kaleem. (Gramps, Grandpa, Papa.) (He's an NPC, non playable chara. He's there for fun.)

Race: Human; from Leisel.

Age: Old.

Height: Three feet? He's always in a wheelchair.

Occupation: Ring appraiser and maker.

Special skill(s): Ring-making.

Magic: No magic.

Brief Bio: Gramps is a goof. He was born unable to walk so he's always in a wheelchair. Sometimes the group takes him out to a main event, but otherwise he prowls around town looking for old ladies to romance.

Quirks: He's old. He has old people quirks, like being adorable and grumpy.

History: He could never have children since he was paralyzed from the waist down since birth. Naturally, he took up ring-making as it didn't require movement of his legs. He traveled to Labrynna to meet the ring appraiser there, discovering that he had a LOT of children. Far too many. The appraiser's wife was also due to have a new child, and since Kaleem could not have his own they reached an agreement to pass the child to him. She ended up having twins, but Kaleem could only have one child, so he took the one that would be Kaliq, Hannah, and Amir's father. They visited often and even brought over his grandbabies to see their uncle. However, their uncle recently passed and left both ring shops to Kaleem. Kaleem traveled back with Amir, Kaliq, and Hannah to get Amir and Kaliq situated for their new life in Hyrule. Originally they were going to take each shop, but Kaliq was not up for it so Amir suggested they blend both shops and move the location to CastleTown. Yaaaay, happy ending!

Kaleem was a ring and treasure appraiser for the king of Leisel, but he is kinda old for it, so his adopted son has taken the position. And his son is an ass. Ask any of his children and they will agree.

Name: Ghalia (Maman) (Another NPC.) (Not shown here.)

Race: Human; from Leisel.

Age: 38 (13 when she had Amir.)

Height: 5' 4"

Occupation: To be a pretty wife.

Special skill(s): Empathy. Sometimes can even communicate with the dead. And not the "Oh, I hear the spirits!" I'm talking sitting in the graveyard chatting with a redead. xD

Magic: Eeemmmmppaaatthhhhyyyy. She feels things. Mostly just emotions and memories.

Brief Bio: As I said she's empathetic, in all the ways. She's kind and soft-spoken and likes to touch people. Like her children, she loves to touch other people's hands. This is the best way for them to feel emotions from a person without resorting lip-locking them. She never says negative things about anyone except her son's fiance. Even then she is still kind about it, in a round-about way.

History: Ghalia's husband pretty much took her when she was twelve. He thought she was so pretty that no other boy should have her. (He was 15 at the time.) Shortly after claiming her he forced an under aged marriage (which isn't that uncommon in middle age days) and Glalia ran from the wedding. After consulting a mockingbird and begging him to tell her a true love story between her and the boy, the mockingbird just told her that the only true love she would have would be between her and her children. Yeah, she talks to birds, so what? Ghalia was still pretty scared, but her hubby-to-be found her and drug her back to the wedding. Shortly after, Amir was born and Ghalia fell in love with his cute curly hair and caramel eyes. <3 The only reason she doesn't speak ill of her marriage is because it allowed her to have four beautiful children, and maybe more, who knows?

The only issue is, she cannot speak in front of her hubby and he more than often courts other women. She hardly ever sees her hubby and her kids know that it hurts her. There was a time where even Amir was influenced by his father's bad attitude, until Coen got a hold of him and beat him up. XD Hard lesson. Kaliq has not learned that lesson yet, and Hannah... Hannah is a girl, so of course she can't do anything that might upset her father.

Ghalia is not even allowed to reprimand her children without his permission, which was an obvious mistake as far as Kaliq is concerned.

Currently, she holds onto her new baby girl and spends all her time trying to block out her possible step-daughter's annoying voice.

Amir inherited her ability to feel emotions and see memories through metal and stone; Hannah developed her foresight and ability to feel through art. Kaliq doesn't know it yet but he can feel emotions through animals and music.

Everyone in their family can sing well except their father. Kaliq is the only one that keeps his voice completely private even from his family whereas the others like to sing together at night.
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